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Motorcycle Lift Stand

Having a motorcycle lift stand saves you time and space, and makes working on your old scoot more enjoyable. Once you've used one you'll wonder how you ever got by without one.

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Types Of Lift Stands

Motorcycle lift tables can be divided into three categories: pneumatic (air powered), air-over-hydraulic, and electric-over-hydraulic.

Pneumatic Lift Stand

Pneumatic tables are most common. They are generally rated to 1,000 lbs and operate by way of compressed air. This means you must have a decent size air compressor in your garage. Prices start at about $400 plus shipping.

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Air-Over-Hydraulic Lift Stand

Air over hydraulics is a simple and cost effective way of producing a "soft" acting hydraulic system. They are usually rated for 1,500 lbs or more, and tend to use a lot of air. If you already have a good-size air compressor, this is a good choice.

Electric-Over-Hydraulic Lift Stand

Electric over hydraulic tables are the most expensive, but also the smoothest work stands available. They are built for commercial use, run on electricity, and require no compressor.

If you're buying a motorcycle lift and need to ship it to a residential location, you may need the assistance of a lift-gate truck. There may be extra charges for these services. Some companies, like Amazon, offer free shipping within the U.S.

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Before you buy a lift stand, consider where you will store it - they take up quite a bit of floor space. Most riders park their motorcycle on the lift when it's down.

Scissor Jack

You will also need a scissor jack to lift your bike up off the work table for tasks such as tire removal and chain lubing. If your motorcycle motor or transmission hangs down below the frame rails, look for a scissor jack that has telescoping saddle adapters that adjusts in width.

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DIY Motorcycle Work Stand

If buying a lift stand is not in your budget, consider making a motorcycle work stand. I've seen all kinds of home-built types, some as simple as a wooden platform with a ramp, tie-down hooks and a wheel chock. The motorcycle work stand in my garage was made by a friend of mine.

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